Apple releases iOS 11.1 with tons of cool new emojis

Apple iOS 11.1 update
iOS 11.1 

Apple finally today released his 11.1 iOS update with tons of new emojis like animal,food types, clothing styles,emotive funny faces.
It will also released on world emoji day like Zombie, Breastfeeding, Vampire,Yoga,Woman with headscarf,Aladin, Sign Of Heart/Love, Mermaid, Coconut, Sandwich, Dinosaurs,Cap, Mountain Men,Wich,T-Rex.

APPLE IPHONE new update 11.1
iOS 11.1

These new emojis are available in iOS 11.1 developer and public beta testers and the final version of iOS 11.1 expected to launch on early this November.This will also available for Mac OS and Watch OS in upcoming software updates.

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